Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Dan Hellman, MSPT, Soma Therapist

Dan Hellman has 20 plus years of experience as an international presenter to the fitness world and has a deep passion for ongoing continuing education from some of the greatest leaders in the industry.

Dan is a licensed physical therapist and owns Hellman Holistic Health (H3) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Dan’s degree comes from an osteopathic-based college, which included both traditional and manual therapy. Before opening his own business he worked in several outpatient physical therapy orthopedic centers specializing in sports medicine and spine rehabilitation.

Besides operating his beautiful clinic in Fort Lauderdale, Dan is one of 13 faculty members around the world for the prestigious C.H.E.K Institute and spends many days on the road teaching personal trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors and osteopaths the C.H.E.K philosophy.

Dan has personal clients in many parts of the world including Kuwait, Trinidad, India, Barbados, Europe and Canada. He is an avid golfer and works with many golf clients from professionals to amateurs as well as designing individualized health and fitness programs for people of all ages and physical needs.

Dan is always looking for that competitive edge and loves learning, which prompted him to enroll in a 6.5-year program with world famous osteopath, Dr. Guy Voyer.

When not living his legacy in the classroom, treating clients in his studio, guiding his employees or learning new ways to help his clients attain their goals, Dan loves to golf, travel, spend quiet time with his dog, Abby, and as you can see below deeply immerse himself in continuing education.

Continuing Education Courses completed by Dan include:

Courses By Guy Voyer DO:

Pumping of the Lower Limbs

Pumping of the Trunk and Pelvis

Pumping of the Upper Limb and TMJ

Fascia Normalization of the Upper Limbs

Fascia Normalization of the Trunk and Pelvis

Fascia Normalization of the Lower Limb

2TLS of the Upper Limbs and Temporomandibular Joints

2TLS of the Trunk and Pelvis

2TLS of the Lower Extremity

Pelviology 1 – 22 Axes of the Pelvis

Pelviology 2 – H1, H2 and H3 Axes

Pelviology 3 – Tests and Normalization of AP Axes

Thoracic Diaphragm

Cervico-Thoracic Diaphragm

Pelvic Diaphragm

Cranial Diaphragm

Viscerology 1 – Peritoneum, Abdominal Aorta, Esophagus and Stomach

Viscerology 2 – Peritoneum, Small Intestine, Colon, Liver and Gall Bladder

Viscerology 3 – Peritoneum, Urinary System, Spleen and Pancreas

Treatment of the Lymphatic System

Respiratory and Circulatory Techniques

Analytical and Segmental Muscular Strengthening of the Abdominal Muscles and Thoracic Diaphragm

Analytical and Segmental Muscular Strengthening of the Lower Limbs

Analytical and Segmental Muscular Strengthening of the Upper Limbs and Trunk

How to Organize the Education and the Progression of the Squat

Myofascial Stretching

Specific Proprioception and Awareness



Global Postural Stretching

Cinesiology and Periodization

SOMA Golf Trainer – Lower Extremity

SOMA Golf Trainer – Trunk and Pelvis

SOMA Golf Trainer – Cervical Spine, Upper Extremity and Global Patterns

SOMA Golf Therapy – Pumping, 2TLS and Fascial Normalization of the Lower Extremity

SOMA Golf Therapy – Pumping, 2TLS and Fascial Normalization of the Pelvis

SOMA Golf Therapy – Lower Extremity

SOMA Golf Therapy – The Pelvis

SOMA Golf Therapy – Lumbar Spine and Thoracic Cage

SOMA Golf Therapy – Upper Extremity, Cervical Spine and TMJ

Spinal Manipulation Therapy – Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar and SI Joint

Courses by The C.H.E.K Institute

  • C.H.E.K Exercise Coach
  • C.H.E.K Practitioner Level 1
  • C.H.E.K Practitioner Level 2
  • C.H.E.K Practitioner Level 3
  • C.H.E.K Practitioner Level 4
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3
  • PPS Success Mastery
  • C.H.E.K Golf Performance Specialist
  • At present — Senior Faculty Member

Course By Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)

  • TPI 1
  • TPI Junior 2
  • TPI Medical 2
  • TPI Medical 3

Course By Paul St. John Neuromuscular Therapist

  • NMT 1 – Cervical Injuries, Postural Analysis & Pelvic Stabilization
  • NMT 2 – Pain Mechanisms of Low Back
  • NMT 3 – Shoulder, Upper Torso, Spinal Column and Extremities
  • NMT 4 – TMJ Dysfunction, Hands, Feet & Eyes
  • NMT 5 – Neuromuscular Components of Cranial Decompression and Scoliosis

And many more… 

Freeport, New York


Tomi Toles, HLC, CP4, GPS

Serving as a member of the C.H.E.K Institute Faculty, Tomi is one of the most sought after fitness industry leaders and lecturers nationwide. With over 23 years of experience in the health/wellness and fitness industry, he has trained clients in both general and elite athlete populations including professionals from the USTA, PGA, MMA and Olympics. A passionate mentor and workshop host, he delivers brilliant interpretations behind the human sciences he has mastered. He is a Certified Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, Golf Performance Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist and an Integrative Neuro-somatic Therapist (pain management).

His passion for leading a healthy lifestyle; body, mind and spirit compels him to share his dreams with people from all walks of life. By using cutting edge techniques - through an Integrative holistic approach - Tomi has helped hundreds of clients, and not only professional and Olympic athletes. He also has experience coaching people young and old to lose weight, reduce stress, improve sports performance, and, obtain the body of their dreams from the inside out.

As a former Tri-State All Natural Bodybuilding Champion (1995-1997), Tomi set off on an educational journey of health and wellness. As a Team C.H.E.K member, he lectures and holds workshops throughout the East Coast to industry professionals, private clients and at public schools.

Mississauga, Canada


Karsten Jensen, MSc

Karsten received his Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology from the University of Copenhagen in 1999 and has helped world class and Olympic athletes from 26 different sports for over 20 years. Many of his athletes have won Olympic medals, European Championships, World Championships and ATP Tournaments.

Karsten is an author, a lecturer, and the first strength coach to create a complete system of periodization - The Flexible Periodization Method - the first complete method of periodization dedicated to holistic, individualized and periodized (H.I.P) training programs.

Karsten shares all aspects of The Flexible Periodization Method (FPM) with his fellow strength coaches and personal trainers through The Flexible Periodization Method workshop series (Levels I-VIII) which is offered through live and online workshops as well as private coaching and consulting. 

Montreal, Canada


Ben Ribkoff, FFCP, ELDOA, TPI

Ben Ribkoff is a Montreal-based Strength & Conditioning Coach whose clients include amateur and professional athletes as well as everyday people ‍‍‍at B52, Montreal's newest upscale fitness centre.

With 15‍‍‍ ye‍‍‍ars of experience in the health and fitness industry, Ben has helped many people recover from pain, improve performance and enhance overall health and well-being. Ben is known for making an impact in the lives of those he has worked with by empowering them with new knowledge, coaching and tools to achieve their goals and live their unique dream.

Ben's Credentials

  • European Diploma of Animator in Sport, Health and Fitness Training (FFCP)
  • Exercise Kinesiologist
  • ELDOA Level 5 Therapist
  • Nutrition Coach
  • Assistant Trainer to Tyler Goodale with the Canadian Women's Sevens National Rugby Team (2016 Olympic year)
  • Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Golf Fitness Professional, Golf Biomechanics Specialist‍‍‍


Lisa-Marie Farley, Osteopath, ELDOA

Lisa-Marie graduated from the SomaTraining program in 2015 and will complete the 7-year Osteopathic Program taught by the renowned osteopath Guy Voyer, DO. Having had the chance to have Guy Voyer as a mentor during her studies, Lisa-Marie aims to to take over the SomaTraining and ELDOA programs in Quebec.

Lisa-Marie's passion for movement and her understanding of the human body began at the age of 5 when her mother enrolled her in gymnastics classes, a discipline she practiced for 15 years. After pursuing an international career as an athlete, Lisa-Marie enrolled in the field of Holistic Health by taking many courses in private training, massage therapy, Active Release Techniques (ART), and osteopathy.

Lisa-Marie's passion stands out in her way of combining exercises and manual therapy in her practice for optimal results with her patients. Finding solutions with a holistic approach and complex philosophy for back pain, herniated disc problems, scoliosis, knee pain, shoulder capsulitis, digestive problems, asthma, diastasis, osteoporosis, etc. is her passion.

President of the SomaTraining Institute since 2012, Lisa-Marie passionately shares her knowledge with students by assisting Guy Voyer in her training. She aims to make SomaTraining and ELDOA known to as many people as possible to help clients/patients day after day to take control of their healing through good exercises.

She currently practices at her Studio SOMA Clinic on the South Shore of Montreal and at the B52 Training Center in Montreal. Lisa-Marie also teaches courses in anatomy and organizes SomaTraining and ELDOA trainings at the SomaTraining Institute.

Engaged in lifelong learning, Lisa-Marie will graduate in osteopathy in June 2018 and continue her studies in Pelvilogy with Guy Voyer, D.O.

Richmond Hill, Canada


Jeffrey Chung, R.Ac

Jeff is a Registered Acupuncturist, a Tai Chi Instructor, and a long-time practitioner of martial arts. Jeff walked into the world of Chinese medicine through its connections to the healing sides of tai chi and meditation. Since then, he has spent his time and energy merging these practices together. This includes continuing to practice and teach tai chi, completing the Sports Medicine Acupuncture Apprenticeship Program with Whitfield Reaves, and teaching at the Toronto School of TCM since 2013. 

He is proud to have had the opportunity to work with athletes, gyms, and clinics throughout the GTA, and always loves seeing his patients walk out feeling better than when they walked in. With a special interest in sports medicine and performance, Jeff takes an integrative approach to healing, treating pain and musculoskeletal conditions with traditional methodology enhanced by modern knowledge.

Riverside, California


Angie Chek, HLC, CP

Angie has successfully run her personal training and nutrition company, Angie’s World, for over 17 years. She is a certified nutritionist, an ACSM certified personal trainer, CHEK Practitioner (level 2), and Holistic Lifestyle Coach (level 3). She is part of the CHEK Faculty, teaching Holistic Lifestyle Coach (HLC), levels I, II, and III. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology at the University of California, Riverside and her degree in nutrition at American Health Science University.

Angie is a professional public speaker and has made numerous appearances in print and live media. Her interests include natural healing and shamanism.

Angie holds a certification in Energy medicine and is a graduate of the Advanced Training 3 Year Shamanic Program offered through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. She is also a graduate of Nine Gates Mystery School.

Angie is available as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Business Consultant, and Public Speaker.

Toronto, Canada


Dr. Chris Cheung, DC

Dr. Chris Cheung completed his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Kinesiology from York University where he concurrently completed the Fitness Appraisal and Exercise Prescription Certificate Program. Following his own experience as a patient during his graduate studies, he decided to study Chiropractic and obtained his Doctor of Chiropractic at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. He is also a certified acupuncture practitioner.

Dr. Cheung is focused on functional outcomes of care that are important to patients and seeks to improve the wellness of each patient as a whole being.  As a compassionate and empathetic individual, he truly desires to bring change and empowerment to people whose pain and decreased function make it difficult to enjoy their pursuits in life. His philosophy behind lasting improvements in health states “simple and small lifestyle changes can collect over time to influence profound outcomes.”

Dr. Cheung takes great pride in seeing people take ownership of their health. As a firm believer of the adage “practice what you preach,” he trains several times a week, eats a sensible diet and has regular chiropractic maintenance visits to stay in good shape. In his spare time he enjoys reading, rock climbing, pick up soccer and playing the bass as part of a band. 


Klaudius Petrulis, HLC, CP, FMS

Klaudius Petrulis, aka. "Coach Klaud," is a fitness professional who specializes in Fitness and Lifestyle Coaching. Using the techniques learned from his years of training, he holistically coaches his clients towards success using the principles of proper sleep, nutrition, exercise, and stress management.

His specialties include postural assessments, corrective exercise, health-based fat loss, lifestyle coaching, nutrition coaching, mobility, post natal, and training for fitness and performance. He has trained everyone from senior citizens to busy office workers to fire fighters and athletes. He prefers to work with highly motivated individuals, regardless of their skill level.