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Fascial Stretch Therapy

Whether you're in pain, lacking flexibility, or looking to improve performance, Fascial Stretch Therapy can help! Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST focuses on elongating, re-aligning and balancing the connective tissues of the body. The rapid and pain-free results occur within one session and not only improve flexibility but also strength, balance, coordination, body awareness and posture. Instead of having a person try to treat themselves by taking yoga, FST is performed by certified therapists working on patients to help them achieve their specific fitness or medical goals of reducing pain and increasing mobility after a thorough evaluation.

EMS Training

EMS Training & Exercise Coaching

Our Exercise Coaches assess people's physiological stress loads and write exercise programs to address low, moderate, and high overall stress levels. They assess posture, mobility, and look for any functional deficits and imbalances in the core and back musculature, then use that information to design personalized, custom exercise programs that balance the autonomic nervous system, implementing a plethora of exercises that enhance function and performance!


Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

Lasting body transformations don’t come from dieting or hardcore exercise programs. Not everyone's body is the same and the foods one person eats and thrives off can have negative health consequences for another person. We don't put people on diets (paleo, vegetarian, keto, vegan, juicing, fasting...), we teach people to listen to their bodies and see what feels best for them.

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